Reconnaissance Dive to the JD Marshall

With each posting to the blog as our field season progresses we are also going post some history about the wrecks were are investigating.  Our goal is to provide an educational forum as well as updates from the field 🙂

Shipwreck history facts:

The J. D. Marshall capsized on June 11, 1911 and four lives were lost.  Three crew members were below deck when the vessel turned over and one member of the crew was found dead at the surface (Evening News 1911).  Reportedly the J. D. Marshall set out onto Lake Michigan that day and collected approximately 400 yards of sand but sprung a leak at about 5 pm (Evening News 1911).  The vessel lay at anchor already taking on water when a storm arose causing the sand in the hull to shift and the vessel rolled over.  It apparently floated close to shore several days after capsizing and served as a local attraction for a short while (Ellis 1985:7).  At the time of the sinking the J. D. Marshallwas owned by J. O. Neesen and Company (Milwaukee Public Library 1959; Wisconsin Marine Historical Society 2011).

Field Notes:

We went out in May for a reconnaissance dive to the JD Marshall.  Because of bad visibility we were unable to make the dive but Captain Mike from N’Pursuits Charters and his divemaster helped to provide some additional information for the Indiana Dunes State Park.  Not a bad start to the field season.  A few photos attached

Dr. K.


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