Day 4 – more problems always bring more solutions

Shipwreck facts:

The George F. Williams is a Steamer vessel type and a bulk freighter property type. It was constructed in 1889 (DHPA n.d.). This vessel was built at West Bay City Michigan. The ship measured 280 feet in length by 41.4 feet abeam with a draft of 20.3 feet and weighed 1888 gross tons (Ellis 1986a:4).  The George F. Williams is a large wooden vessel with a main frame similar in style and construction to the F. W. Wheeler. The frame consists of a scarphed and stacked keelson, basically this is a steel capped wooden box (Ellis 1986b:17). The floor of the vessel contains six sub-keelsons that run from stem to stern (Ellis 1986b:18).

Notes from the field:

Day 4 – We re-tested the Austin Powers and finally figured out the connection problems.  We worked on the boat at the marina.  We made a short trip out, along Burns Ditch, but the waves were 4 feet –a little too rough even for the Powers.  We survived the boater driving while talking on their cell phone – not advised – ever!  Back at the field house, we learned there is a secret room in the old 1800’s house with a set of secret stairs that still go down the back.  Lots of speculation as to what the room was used for.  Reportedly a historian said the room was probably not used for the underground railroad but maybe it was used during the prohibition era…  It makes for some great after field-day stories around the camp fire.  Thanks to our crew Mike and Dusty for sticking out the heat, trouble shooting, and learning how to keep our boat secure to the pier!

Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.


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