Sonar Success

Shipwreck facts:

The F. W. Wheeler was noted to carry a cargo that weighted over 2,000 tons and consisted of over 70,000 bushels of wheat from Chicago to Buffalo (Milwaukee Public Library 1959). This ship was also used to transport coal. At the time of its sinking, it was carrying 1,200 tons of coal (Cavinder 1978:1). It was reported that wreckage from the F. W. Wheeler washed up for months and that locals collected it to use for building and kindling (City News 1935).

Notes from the field:

Day 6 – Well, sometimes people wonder if all our time as researchers is spent out in the field.  Actually we spend a small portion of our time actually in the field compared to conducting background research and writing our results.  For this project, we started the research in November of 2010.  We started preparing for field work in March 2011 and started fieldwork in July.  We will spend 4 to 7 weeks in the field and then another 2 to 3 months analyzing the data and writing up the results.  Thus far in the field, my days begin about 4:30 a.m. and end at about 10:30 p.m.  The long days are result of needing to solve all the challenges (aka equipment issues).  Today was a good day.  We were able to get our crew in sync (Drive, tow, scan…Drive, tow, scan) and they were all awesome!  We were able had some fairly good success scanning shipwreck a site.  One of the images is posted below.  We still need to tweak settings and such, but now we are getting some results for our long days…

Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.


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