Windy Day

Shipwreck facts:

The F. W. Wheeler was stranded on December 3, 1893 during a winter storm with a cargo of coal from Buffalo, New York (Milwaukee Public Library 1959).  All of the 16 crew survived. The local lifesaving station under the direction of Captain Finch was credited with having saved all the lives on board the vessel (City News 1935). The F. W. Wheeler was under the command of Captain Trotter at the time of its foundering (Cavinder 1978:1; City News 1935). An attempt to aid the vessel before it sank and broke apart was made. One of the tugs, the Crowell, sank on its way to assist the F. W. Wheeler (City News 1935). The crew of the Crowell was rescued by another tug on its way to assist the F. W. Wheeler. In addition, two tug boats assisted with lightening the ship’s cargo by removing some coal. However, within two days, the back of the F. W. Wheeler was broken and it was considered a total loss.

Notes from the field:

Day 5 – We were blown out off the Lake with 4 to 6 foot waves but had a successful test with the Austin Powers.  The crew also received more training about boat navigation, driving the boat, and docking.  It is always a good idea to practice your boating techniques.  Tomorrow will be much calmer!  We re-wired and re-arranged all wires for both crew and equipment safety.  It may still look messy but that’s because there is a lot of technology on board

Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.


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