Red Green would be proud!

Shipwreck facts:  The Car Ferry No. 2 was owned by the Lake Michigan Car Ferry company throughout its life and at the time if its demise (U.S. Lifesaving Service 1907:45). The vessel was inaugurated into service in the fall of 1895 (Hilton 1962:189). This ship was used to carry freight cars from Peshtigo, Milwaukee, and to Chicago in association with the Wisconsin & Michigan Railroad (Hilton 1962:193; Milwaukee Public Library 1959). When the vessel capsized the cargo included 28 rail cars on four tracks of which half contained iron ore and the other half contained telegraph poles and lumber (Milwaukee Public Library 1959). There is documentation of this vessel resting at port along with other car ferries, no longer extant, from the Lake Michigan Car Ferry company (Hilton 1962:188-189). Car Ferry No. 2 has also been recognized in the more modern era as Barge #2 (Kohl 2001:286).

Notes from the field:

Day 7 – We made it to the west side of Lake Michigan today and did some documentation of two sites.  We had some more “MacGyver” work to do.  We are also becoming experts at making complicated machines out of ordinary things quickly!  Red Green would be proud!  The winds picked up in the afternoon though.  So, it was a little rough on the way back.

Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.


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