Survey under the Gary Air show

Shipwreck facts:  The Car Ferry No. 2 sank in 1906 when it capsized of northeast gale and three lives were lost (Hilton 1962:188-194; U.S. Lifesaving Service 1907:45). This barge was under the operation of Captain O. C. Olsen and capsized off the entrance to the Chicago harbor after being released by the tugboat J. C. Ames operated by Captain W. H. Welcher (Hilton 1962:194; Milwaukee Public Library 1959; U.S. Lifesaving Service 1907:45). Apparently, Car Ferry No. 2 had taken on a fair amount of water in its hold so that the Captain of the J. C. Ames was concerned for the safety of his vessel. Another tug, the Perfection, came to the assistance but not before the Car Ferry No. 2 over turned (U.S. Lifesaving Service 1907:45). The vessel reportedly remained afloat, after losing the train cars to the bottom of the lake, with the keel upward for a short time and then stranded near the breakwater (Hilton 1962:195). The Car Ferry No. 2 was towed farther out onto the lake the next spring by the Army Corps of Engineers to remove the ship as a navigation hazard. They (Army Corps of Engineers) finally dynamited part of the vessel in August 1907 (Hilton 1962:195).

Notes from the field:

Day 8 – Today was the calmest day thus far during our fieldwork.  Yesterday was crazy windy and today, calm.  We traveled to the east to do survey because the Gary air show was in full swing.  There were boaters everywhere.  So trying to keep straight transects was a challenge, even on the east side.  We have another example scan image from the project below from yesterday.  The image is a photo of a sidescan image as seen from our laptop as we’re surveying.

In the process of conducting fieldwork, sometimes we improvise.  Even when there is no sun, the laptop glare makes the data difficult to see.  So, we “MacGyver’ed” a hood for the laptop (see pictures).  It actually works great!  We used a clean box which fit just perfect and we have a spare in case we get more rain like we did this afternoon.

We’d like to say good bye and a Very Big Thank you to one of our volunteers, Dusty.  He was an amazing helper and an incredibly nice person.

Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.


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