90 degrees and climbing

Shipwreck facts:  The Horace A. Tuttle became waterlogged during a severe storm on the way to Chicago from Buffalo, and stranded (or was stranded) several hundred feet from the pier in Michigan City on October 26, 1898 (Detroit Free Press 1898). However, a life saving report from that era gave the date of sinking as October 16 (Milwaukee Public Library 1959).  Because the ship was so waterlogged, the vessel’s hatches amidship stove in or collapsed causing distress. Regardless the ship headed for port only to hit a sand bar just outside of the harbor (Detroit Free Press 1898; Milwaukee Public Library 1959). Because of the storm, the ship reportedly struck the sand bar, swung around stern first against the end of a pier, then swung off the pier, and immediately stranded offshore (Milwaukee Public Library 1959). Another account recorded that the Horace A. Tuttle lost a rudder while trying to make port at Michigan City because of the storm and hit a breakwall finally stranding at the mouth of the harbor (BGSU 2011). Regardless of the details, the storm was so fierce that it washed away much of the hull within several hours of stranding (Milwaukee Public Library 1959).

Notes from the field:

Day 9 – It’s getting pretty toasty outside, 90 degrees and climbing. We searched for two sites today; one was the Horace A. Tuttle.  However, we have not found this vessel yet.  After 25+ years, and the use of different coordinate systems, re-locating the shipwrecks is another challenge.  We did quite a bit of survey with the Mini-Me.  Tomorrow, we go under the waves.  We are working with havoc productions, ltd. to do video documentation of the shipwreck sites we have documented thus far.  We’ll update you tomorrow with what is happening below the surface.

Thanks and Cheers J

Dr. K.


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