Rolling in the Deep

Shipwreck facts:  There are two vessels close to each other that were surveyed in the 1980’s but their identity has not been determined.  These two vessels were incorporated as one archaeological site when they were assigned state site file numbers in June 2011 and are therefore discussed together.  Historical background information for vessels Unknown No. 5 and Unknown No. 6 was not obtained because the vessels’ registry and official names have not yet been identified.  A review of earlier aerial photographs, taken in the 1940s. clearly shows both vessels as well as their associated debris (Ellis 1986a:100).  Vessel Unknown No. 5 dates to the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries based on examination of the metal fastenings and spikes still present on the vessel (Ellis 1986a:101).  Also, limestone blocks were not typically used as ballast which implies that perhaps the limestone blocks may have been part of the cargo of the vessel (Ellis 1986a:101).  This information might assist with the identification of Unknown No. 5.  Unknown No. 6 may have had some limestone blocks associated with it but was in a much worse state of disarticulation and identification seems less feasible. However, being of a similar nature, Unknown No. 6 most likely also dates to the late nineteenth to early twentieth century.

Notes from the field: Day 15 –

Another scorcher and rough waves.  Today we headed out to re-locate a site and did so successfully.  A volunteer, Conor, came with us to assist with the search.  We had to head back in early as thunder clouds threatened but we did get some good images.  The storm rolled in pretty quickly and was quite impressive!  Boat flies were gone today, whew!    We were all pretty chewed up yesterday by the biting flies.

Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.



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