Paper, Rocks and… we were just missing the scissors

Shipwreck facts:  The Eureka is a vessel that people have talked about and reported lies in Indiana’s waters.  This vessel was not investigated in the 1980’s as part of the MCR Survey. The Eureka, a side wheeler, sank on October 12, 1873. It was built in Newport in 1864 and now lies broken and scattered (Kohl 2001: 282). It was first found by Gene Turner. The vessel was 240 feet in length and weighed 214 tons (Ackerman 1992; (Kohl 2001: 282). It has been a popular dive site for some time.  Unfortunately, reportedly pieces of the shipwreck were taken as souvenirs.  The status of this wreck and its current state are unknown.


Notes from the field: Day 16 –

We were blown out this morning because of thunderstorms.  We did spend the rainy morning catching up on notes and reviewing our data.  It’s best not to wait until after you are back from the field to make sure all your data and notes are in order.  We were able to do some very near shore survey in the afternoon.  Walked an area with lots of little rocks.  And we found out, that even when you do underwater archaeology you still need to watch out for ticks when you are on shore! 

Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.


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