Buffington Harbor (aka Gary Indiana)

Shipwreck facts:  Another mystery ship is the John Hypo was identified as a scow. Little historical information has been uncovered about this ship. The vessel received some investigation as part of the MCRS project in 1986. It appears that portions of the site were mapped by SCUBA divers. Remaining portions of the vessel include bow structure with the keelson, stemsons, and stem. The John Hypo currently lies in deeper water than most of the Indiana Lake Michigan wrecks.

Notes from the field day: 17 –

We were blown out again this morning but did some survey from shore.  We did make it out, later afternoon and did more survey in Buffington Harbor (aka Gary).  Jim, a volunteer, helped us today.  He is like a shipwreck encyclopedia and is very knowledgeable about the shipwrecks of Lake Michigan and Indiana.  We have now surveyed many of the sites that were documented in the 1980’s.  Some are still there and some are not.  Those that we could not find may be buried now.  However, in some cases it appears development has most likely altered, buried, or destroyed them.  Well, a lot can happen in 30 years.  On to finish documentation and continue the search for previously unidentified sites

Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.



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