Cheese Chex mix saves the day!

Shipwreck facts:  There were several wrecks that were located 25 years ago but nit identified.  One of these wrecks was Unknown No. 3.  The Unknown No. 3 is an unknown wooden vessel type and a cannaller property type. It appears to have been a bulk cargo type of vessel from investigations of the hull (DHPA n.d.). The vessel construction date is approximated to the nineteenth century. The actual length of the ship is unknown but the remaining portion of the main frame measured 83.4 feet in length by 34.6 feet abeam (DHPA n.d.; Ellis 1986a:86). Reviewing the number of frames and the consistency in the hulls beam, it was estimated that this vessel would have been 160 to 200 feet long (Ellis 1986a:88). The vessels main frame is of solid oak, has 48 surviving frames, and has a scarphed keelson (Ellis 1986a: 88). Artifacts identified from the site date the vessel to the late nineteenth to early twentieth century


Notes from the field: Day 20 –

This morning we ended up stranded again.  We waited for the mechanic extraordinaire to get us up and running.  We had a slow ride back to the Marina so the electrical problem could be fixed.  In the meanwhile, CMS marine lent us a 27 foot boat that was awesome.  So, we were able to salvage the day somewhat.  We dove and took pictures but visibility was just a foot or so.   We also saw some more interesting storm clouds and lightening but it stayed off to the north.  Thank goodness for cheese chex mix!

A very Big Thank you to Colin for being so patient through all the technical difficulties and taking pictures for us. 

cheese chex mix haiku

Fun crunch

Salty taste

Orange fingers

A little reward for existing under the black karma cloud….


Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.



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