Just a “Mini” Stranded at Sea

Shipwreck facts:  The Muskegon is a steamer vessel type and a package-freighter property type. It was constructed in 1872 as the Peerless by Ira Lafinter (Milwaukee Public Library 1959). This vessel was built at Cleveland, Ohio. The ship measured 211 feet in length by 39.9 feet abeam with a draft of 12.5 feet and weighed 1199 gross tons (Ackerman 1992; Ellis 1988:2; Milwaukee Public Library 1959). This vessel was first operated by Leopold & Austrian out of Chicago and had a U. S. registry (BGSU 2011a; Milwaukee Public Library 1959). When the Muskegon was the Peerless the vessel was equipped with a large reciprocating engine and dual boilers. The Peerless was re-named to the Muskegon in 1908 after the Muskegon and Chicago Navigation Company purchased the ship (Milwaukee Public Library 1959).

Notes from the field: Day 19 –

Today we were able to get some great scans at 2 sites.  We tried to get some at another site but had technical problems…again.  “Just one day” I keep telling myself, “Is all I need to have without technical difficulties.”  But on Day 19, we have had problems each and every day; either equipment, technical, or boat.  Today we had both types of problems.  We had equipment and technical difficulties in the morning and boat problems in the afternoon.  So, for about an hour we were stranded in the middle of Lake Michigan because the boat motor died.  We called for a tow (yes, you can get a tow when you are at “sea” but I am sure triple A doesn’t cover that).  However, after an hour or so, we were able to get the engine going again.  We made a slow trek back to the marina because we did not want to jinx the motor.  The ride through the 3 foot waves and all the wave splash was rather refreshing.  Two more days…diving tomorrow.

Thanks and Cheers 🙂

Dr. K.



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