Lake Michigan Coastal Awareness month & Indiana Archaeology Awareness month

In recognition of Lake Michigan Coastal Awareness month & Indiana Archaeology Awareness month, we are giving a presentation about the project results.  Hope to see you there!

Program Details:

Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Lake County Public Library: Central Library, 1919 West 81st Avenue (on US 30) Merrillville, Indiana 46410-5488

Phone: 219.769.3541

Program Title: A Quarter Century of History: Indiana’s Historic Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan
Program Summary: A quarter century ago, the Indiana DNR and State Archaeologist, Gary Ellis, undertook a survey of historic shipwrecks in Lake Michigan. Another survey, sponsored by IDNR Lake Michigan Coastal Program, was conducted in summer 2011 to re-locate these wrecks and search for previously unidentified sites. The project involved historical research, archaeological survey, and public outreach. Of the 14 sites previously identified, 9 were positively relocated. Several potential new sites were also identified. This program will provide information as well as pictures and videos from 25 years ago and from 2011, of some of these historic shipwrecks. Remote sensing techniques, such as sub-bottom profiling and sidescan sonar, have been used to locate, re-locate, and identify shipwrecks. Direct survey methods, such as snorkeling and SCUBA diving were also used to verify the condition of the shipwrecks for archaeological documentation and management considerations. The project has developed a management plan focused on conservation and preservation of these resources that allow for current and future public uses while recommending ways to minimize or eliminate impacts to the resources.



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